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Worldwide Shipping


Our team of experts is available to navigate the ins and outs of international sea freight for you. We provide extensive consultation and advising for all our clients to help you understand your financial transactions with an in-depth cost analysis.

AFFHAN works with a number of global partners, building international relationships that help us provide the best shipping services. We also assist our clients in making important decisions concerning best practices. Here are a number of ways we can help you plan a shipment efficiently.

Worldwide delivery is the method involved with bringing in and sending out products between various nations through sea, air, or over the street. Global delivery is an intricate course of moving cargo over borders, joined by many principles and guidelines. To effectively import or product cargo, organizations need to be aware and follow explicit strategies of global delivery and gather desk work so your cargo passes the traditions leeway.

Not at all like homegrown shipments, global transportation is more multifaceted since each nation has its own guidelines and regulations. A few nations have stricter strategies than others and totally deny bringing in specific items. For instance, Canada has a rundown of restricted things to import and has explicit duty guidelines. That is the reason it's essential to completely gain proficiency with the guidelines or utilize proficient cargo sending administrations.

Contingent upon the size of your bundle or cargo and the transportation mode, global shipments can take somewhere in the range of two days to about a month. Basically, air freight is famous for its quick global conveyance, while moving cargo over the ocean on freight barges can take additional time. Normally, the global delivery process comprises of 5 fundamental parts: