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Air Freight


Our dedicated team is well equipped to handle all the Air Import & Export shipments on time. Flight with steady and persistent transit time and excellent services to-and-fro major locations in the world is another reason to look at while choosing Air Freight.

We can handle everything from Personal transfers to Motor Vehicles, Heavy Industrial machinery and life-saving supplies such as Medicines.

What are the advantages of air freight?

1. Time - moving merchandise with airship cargo saves time - it's a lot quicker than delivery, rail or street transport

2. Solid - flights by and large have dependable appearance and takeoff times with not very many postponements, so the shipment of freight via air is probably going to show up on time

3. Low insurance payment - because of the shipment term being so short, insurance installments on airship cargo are for the most part lower

4. Secure - the shipment of freight via air is firmly overseen by security, so the opportunity of freight being taken or harmed is low

5. Less warehousing necessities - the freedom time for airship cargo is quick, and there's for the most part less stock to dump than that for freight ships, so customs leeway is quick, and the requirement for neighborhood warehousing is a lot of lower