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Sea Freight


Various segmented services, from the Europe, Middle East, and the Far East major Indian ports like Chennai and Indian Coast Dock Locations likes New Delhi / Bangalore, we take special care on shipping carriers & scheduled service to ensure the fastest transit in cost effective manner.

We have our own dedicated CFS facilities in Chennai & Guangzhou (China) for a better handling of the cargo. Personal services like Door to Door is another salient feature service with a specialized team on customs clearance.

Even the Project Cargo Handing, warehousing, packing & labelling service are done with the extensive care. As one of the major consolidator of consignments in India and China we have built in trust among all our customers as we understand their needs and extra attention for safety and reliability.

Ocean Freight is a technique for moving a lot of merchandise utilizing transporter ships. Products are stuffed into holders and afterward stacked onto a vessel. An average freight boat can heft around 18,000 compartments, and that implies that ocean cargo is an expense proficient method for moving high amounts over huge distances.

There are various manners by which ocean cargo can be moved.

FCL or Full holder load, which you buy at least one full compartments to send on a boat.

LCL or Less than holder load, where your items share a compartment as you might not have a full holder's worth. When they arrive at their objective, the compartment's items are separated again.

RORO or Roll on roll off, where your items don't leave the vehicle they are in to go onto the freight transport. The vehicle basically drives onto the boat, and afterward drives off the opposite end.

Dry mass transportation, utilized for a few explicit things, which are stored into the hold of the boat as opposed to going in a compartment.